Watchguard Firebox X55e-W VPN Firewall

Mfg Part Number:  WG50062-T  
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FEATURES- Firebox X55e-Wireless Edge UTM Trade-up Bundle
       The Trade Up to Firebox X55e-W UTM SKU is to be used in accordance 
        with the Firebox Trade Up Program only. An existing eligible device 
        is required in order to activate this product. Box requires 
        activation by WatchGuard.  Appliance will only work with 
        replacement of old WatchGuard appliance or Competitors' appliance.  
       See for additional details.
       The Firebox X Edge e-Series UTM Bundle provides all the components 
        of a comprehensive unified threat management (UTM) security 
        solution, along with the best support and maintenance offering in 
        the industry, for complete protection. Each bundle supplies:
          - Firewall                      - Deep Application Inspection
          - Mobile User VPN               - Branch Office VPN
          - Expert guidance and support   - Anti-spyware
          - Anti-spam                     - Anti-virus
          - URL Filtering                 - Intrusion Prevention
       The bundle includes Firebox X Edge e-Series UTM appliance, 1-year 
        Gateway AV/IPS subscription, 1-year spamBlocker subscription,
        1-year WebBlocker subscription, 1-year LiveSecurity Service 
       Our Firebox X Edge e-Series security appliances deliver powerful 
        network protection for small businesses and remote/branch offices. 
        Available in both wired and wireless models, the Edge can be used 
        as a stand-alone integrated security appliance or as a VPN endpoint 
        solution. The Firebox X Edge offers stateful firewall, VPN, and URL 
        filtering, plus advanced networking and traffic management 
        capabilities to maximize network configurability. An intuitive, 
        Web-based user interface makes it easy to deploy and manage.
       For small businesses requiring an affordable, integrated wireless 
        security appliance with unmatched ease of use. Includes best-in-
        class firewall and VPN capabilities, optional URL filtering, and 
        advanced network traffic management features, such as WAN failover 
        and configurable QoS, to ensure that your business is always secure 
        and connected.
* Firebox X Edge e-Series UTM Appliance
   Firebox X Edge e-Series firewall/VPN integrates robust proxy 
   technologies for proactive zero day attack prevention with powerful 
   content-based security capabilities for complete unified threat 
   management. Each model comes in wired and wireless versions to meet your 
   specific network requirements.
* Gateway AntiVirus/Intrusion Prevention Service
   This integrated security service works in tandem with the proactive 
   security capabilities of the Firebox X Edge to provide up-to-the-minute, 
   signature-based protection from known viruses, trojans, spyware, and 
   buffer overflows. Includes a one-year, renewable subscription. 
* spamBlocker
   spamBlocker is the best service in the industry at distinguishing 
   legitimate email from spam outbreaks, blocking up to 97% of unwanted 
   messages in real time. This anti-spam service uses the industry-leading 
   Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology developed by Commtouch to 
   analyze large volumes of Internet traffic in real time and identify 
   outbreaks as they emerge. RPD goes beyond evaluating keywords and 
   content to give you up-to-the-minute protection from spam attacks 
   regardless of the language, content, or format of the message. Includes 
   a one-year, renewable subscription. Learn more about spamBlocker.
* WebBlocker
   With this integrated URL filtering service you increase productivity, 
   prevent legal liabilities, and decrease security risks by blocking 
   access to malicious or inappropriate Web content. WebBlocker uses the 
   continually updated SurfControl database to stop the sites and Web 
   tools you need to block, including spyware, P2P, webmail, and streaming 
   media sites. Includes a one-year, renewable subscription. 
* LiveSecurity Service
   WatchGuard's ground-breaking support and maintenance program provides 
   up-to-the-minute security alerts, responsive technical support, software 
   updates, advance hardware replacement, training, and self-help 
   resources. With LiveSecurity's team of experts behind you, you'll have 
   the know-how and insights to keep pace with the ever-changing security 
   landscape. Includes a one-year, renewable subscription.
  -- SPECIFICATIONs -----------------------------------
INTERFACES   - (6) 10/100 ports 
               (1) Serial port
PERFORMANCE  - Firewall Throughput: 100 Mbps
               VPN Throughput     : 35 Mbps
               Concurrent Sessions: 10,000
               Nodes supported    : Unlimited (LAN IPs)
VPN          - Branch Office VPN 
                           tunnels: 25
               Mobile User VPN 
                           tunnels: 5/55 (included/max.)
               Encryption (DES, 3DES)
               Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)
               Dead Peer Detection (RFC 3706)
               Hardware-based encryption
               User Authentication
                          DB Limit: 200
               XAUTH: LDAP
                      Windows Active Directory 
               Local Authentication  
               Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003
SECURITY     - Stateful Packet Firewall
               Malformed Packet Protection
               Static Blocked Sources List
               URL Filtering
               Static, Dynamic DNS, PPPoE Client
               DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Relay
                 - WAN Failover Ports - 1
               Traffic Prioritization 
               Quality of Service
                 - 4 Prioritization Queues (Levels)
               Static NAT, Dynamic NAT 
               1:1 NAT, IPSec NAT Traversal
               Policy-based PAT (Port Address Translations) 
               Up to 8 external IP addresses 
               Static Routes -- up to 100
               WebTrends Compatible Reports (available to WSM users) 
               HTML Reports (available to WSM users) 
               Encrypted Log Channel (available to WSM users)
               WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) v8.3.1 or higher 
               Win32 Management Interface
               v8.x or higher
APPROVALS    - WEEE/RoHS compliant
               Wireless Guest Services: 802.11b/g 
               WPA, WEP key
POWER SOURCE - 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; Consumption 12 watts
DIMENSIONS   - 7.4" x 6.5" x 1.4"           WT.- 1.8 lbs.
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